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Which tea is suitable for small home appliance OEM tea boiler?
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Boiled tea is a kind of tea art, is the tea boiled to drink, boiled tea soup, tea soup color is one of the important standards to evaluate tea soup. Before tasting the tea, there is a very important process called: turn the bowl and shake the incense. Tea is the favorite of many old tea drinkers, so which tea is suitable for the tea boiler? Which teas are suitable for tea makers
1, white tea
white tea because of processing without rolling, so after brewing leaves intact and stretch, mellow tea, light soup color. But when we cook tea, we usually use old white tea.
old white tea is suitable for simple and natural pottery tea sets, which can be Fried or brewed. If the interest in brewing, and brewing after the end of the small fire boil leaf bottom; If want to drink to boil tea directly (more it is lazy bubble), pour directly dry tea to boil ok also. Which teas are suitable for tea makers
2, black tea
black tea is suitable for boiling and drinking, and pu 'er is also included here. Black tea can be brewed or Fried, and the ceramic tea set can use the good adsorption of tea set to eliminate the miscellaneous flavor formed during the fermentation and storage of some tea leaves, so that the aroma of black tea is more prominent.
of course, new raw tea is usually still based on brewing, because the boiled tea is very strong, strong tea, not the old tea ghost general can not resist. In addition, the rough, atmospheric collocation of pottery tea sets black tea, simple dignified, more in line with deep rhyme. Which teas are suitable for tea makers
3, oolong tea
oolong tea belongs to semi-fermented tea. Oolong tea has strong flavor, and green tea fragrance, unique "green leaves red edge" characteristics. In recent years, no matter be old tie guanyin, still be old year rock tea, single cong, begin to enter the line of sight of a few niche tea friend. Boiled old oolong tea, also become a scenery line on tea party naturally. Oolong tea is suitable to use purple sand tea set to cook, adjust soft oolong tea in the fierce gas, with the color of elegant sample tea cup tea soup.
4, black tea
black tea has clear drink and mix drink cent. Clear drink, do not add any condiment namely, make tea develop proper fragrance. Mixing drink, is to add milk, honey, flowers, fruit and other adjuvant. The boiled tea of black tea, boil ginger in particular, a lot of tea friend expresses very like. Which teas are suitable for tea makers
the benefits of tea boiled and drunk
1, improve muscle endurance. Studies have found that tea contains antioxidants called catechins, which increase the body's ability to burn fat, improve muscle endurance, help combat fatigue and increase time spent exercising. Green tea is the most effective drink.
2, uv resistance. Tea polyphenols are water-soluble substances, wash a face with tea can remove facial grease, convergence pores, with disinfection, sterilization, anti-aging effect of the skin, but also help to reduce the sun in the ultraviolet damage to the skin, is a natural "sunscreen". Which teas are suitable for tea makers
3, keep in shape. In the tang dynasty, "herbal gleanings" on tea mentioned that "a long diet makes one thin", which has been confirmed by modern scientific research. Theobromine in tea can promote gastric juice secretion, help digestion, enhance the human body's ability to decompose fat. Foreign studies have also shown that regular tea consumption can reduce waist circumference and body mass index (BMI), thus helping to prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
4. Foreign studies have shown that tea polyphenols and their oxides can absorb some radioactive substances, protect cells from radiation damage, and help repair damaged cells. Clinical studies show that tea extract can treat tumor patients in the course of radiotherapy caused by mild radiation sickness, treatment of radiation caused by blood cells, leukocytopenia, the effect is very good. Which teas are suitable for tea makers
5, improve memory. Tea polyphenols help the brain to carry out local regulation, improve memory, improve learning efficiency. Foreign studies have confirmed that tea can prevent and treat neurological diseases, especially senile cognitive disorders. In addition, theine can make central nervous excitement, have the effect of refreshing, benefit think, clear heart.
6, improve bone density. Although tea contains caffeine, which promotes calcium loss through urination, the amount is extremely low. Even tea with a high caffeine content has only 30 to 45 milligrams per cup. In fact, tea contains more substances that help reduce calcium loss, including fluorine, phytoestrogens and potassium. A Taiwanese study found that people who drank tea regularly had higher bone density and a lower risk of hip fractures.
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