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Small make up to take you to understand the common points and differences between health pot and electric kettle
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Health pot is now a kind of kettle, because it has more functions than the kettle, it can not only boil water, but also can boil eggs, boiled tea, but also can boil a lot of things porridge, so, health pot and electric kettle what is the difference
compared with the health pot, the electric kettle is an old-timer. This veteran cadre will be of great use during or after his appointment.
during the office of the electric kettle can quickly provide us with warm hot water, soy milk, milk can be. But the role of the product is relatively simple, there is no so-called multi-function. A retired electric kettle is the equivalent of a hundred variable stars. Make it easier to pour oil. Change a flower to sprinkle ~ water a flower to look very good! The flowers are more beautiful. Storage cabinet ~ miscellaneous things come in quickly! Scissors, vise, screws can be put in. Not only the household space that saves, and use rise also is more convenient.
compared to the electric kettle, the health pot is a new employee. The new employee has his own charm, which is superior to electric kettles, and has attracted a large number of users.
charm 1: the health pot is more nutritious. The biggest difference between the health pot and the electric kettle is the difference in water quality. The water in the health pot is electromagnetic water. For example, electromagnetic water can increase the body's resistance to prevent the invasion of the cold from the source. Electromagnetic water still has the effect of beauty, thin body, comfort, promote blood circulation.
charm 2: use more than one pot. The role of electric kettle in office is to heat hot water, but the health pot in addition to boiling water, there are many functions. Porridge ~ red bean semen coicis porridge dehumidification; Boiled tea ~ scented tea, fruit tea to enhance the user's appearance level of several grades; Soup ~ tremella lotus seed soup beauty.
advanced health pot still has many shortcomings. First of all, the genuine and the defective products in health pot manufacturers interact with each other, and the mixed products are easy to make consumers suffer losses. Secondly, the material of the health pot determines the influence. Products made of good materials may have the taste of health preservation, and the boiled scented tea is also rich in nutrition. But inferior product not only not keep in good health, still can harm human body health instead. Inferior material contains a lot of trace elements, these trace elements are not very friendly yo! If you're not careful, they can ruin your life, and that's the sad story.
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