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The material selection of the electric kettle is also very important
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For materials selection of electric kettle, we also need to be very attention, have all sorts of material on market now, we can pick out some material, no harm to human body and must buy some appearance, looks very good, and relatively strong material, if there is a problem, we later to buy also can appear a lot of trouble, so we want to buy some products, such as beauty of electric kettle is very good, after all is a big brand, later maintenance is guaranteed, even if the price is a little higher, but also is very good for you to use.
electric kettle, we should go to buy some normal small home appliance manufacturers, after all these manufacturers have anti-counterfeiting mark, and the quality guaranteed, even if the price is a little higher, we can also life safer, all say you, if the material of electric kettle is not good, when we were in the boiling water, leech also change, this will make our life appear some problems, now even more expensive electric kettle, also won't too high a price, we can't covet petty gain, and save the money, after the big problem.
indicator light on, indicating that the power has been added to the indicator light circuit, the fault in the electrical heat pipe or its connection part, common electrical heat pipe damage and poor contact. Remove the electric heat pipe to measure its resistance value can be determined. Electrical heat pipe damage, generally can only be replaced. Bad contact is mainly due to serious corrosion or deformation of the contact reeds in the power plug assembly. The switch box can be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance, and it is easy to replace the damaged reeds with new ones.
small home appliances manufacturers barrier is often the power supply does not join the electric heat pipe circuit. During maintenance, the resistance of the 3-core plug L and N on the base power cord can be measured with multi-meter R×10. Normal, did not press the reset switch resistance is up, press the button when the 1500 w electric kettle corresponding resistance is about 32 Ω.
if the resistance value after pressing the button is still infinity, the heating tube circuit is not open. At this point, the resistance of the 3-core plug N and L can be measured again, and the normal value is the same as above. If the measured results are normal, indicating that the fault is in the base part, it is necessary to check whether the connection between the power cord and the base socket is broken or has poor contact. The base structure is simple, and the fault can be found quickly.
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