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Attach importance to the matters needing attention in the use of electric kettle
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1. Choose the right socket: the plug of the electric kettle usually has an earthing electrode. It should be connected to the socket with an earthing socket. When in use, the power plug should be fully plugged into the socket. Always keep the power plug, socket, power cord and automatic switch of the electric kettle dry and clean.
2, pay attention to the highest water level: water should not exceed the highest water level, so as not to spill out of the kettle when the liquid boiling. Water injection should not be too little, otherwise it will soon dry, especially the whistling electric kettle, at least to make the water immersed in the heat pipe over 20mm, otherwise the heat pipe is easy to surface air burning and burned out. In addition to pay attention to, do not first connect the power supply and then fill the water, otherwise easy to burn out the heater or cause dangerous accidents.
3, prevent drying: when using the electric kettle should be looked after, avoid dry burning. If no one takes care of the water, after boiling, the whistle kettle of the infinite thermostat will always boil the water dry, and the electric kettle equipped with automatic reset thermostat, because repeated heating will also boil the water dry, if the overtemperature protection function fails, it will lead to the occurrence of fire accidents.
4, can not be immersed in water: when cleaning, the automatic electric kettle can not be immersed in water or rinse with water, so as to avoid damaging the insulation of electrical appliances due to damp, causing fault and leakage.
5. Fill water before power supply: when using an electric kettle, it is important to fill water before power supply and fill water after power supply. Otherwise, it is easy to burn the heater or cause dangerous accidents.
6. Only boil water: the electric kettle can only be used for boiling water. It is forbidden to use the electric kettle to boil other liquids or food, otherwise the kettle body and heater will be corroded and the service life of the electric kettle will be damaged.
7, add water to be careful, do not splash outside the kettle, easy to lead to leakage. Do not soak or rinse an open water bottle.
8. Frequent descaling: it is better to remove the scale or other stains on the electric kettle when using the electric kettle, otherwise the thermal efficiency and life of the electric heater will be affected.
9, do not repair the electric kettle by yourself: if the appliance is damaged and cannot work normally during the use of the user, do not remove the shell by yourself for repair, and send it to the repair shop or the manufacturer of the product for repair.
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