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Is the consumption of small electric appliance certain small?
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Today, small household appliances are integrated into most citizens' homes. However, compared to buying large equipment (such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines), consumers usually pay less attention to energy consumption and more attention to function and price. , don't care about saving energy. In fact, many small appliances consume at least as much power as home appliances. If you compare power consumption per unit time, many small appliances consume more power than even household appliances.
in terms of product quality and stability, kitchen appliances, household appliances and small household appliances have been steadily improved, and the technical content of products has also been improved. In brand construction, the field of small home appliances emerged a number of well-known brands. In the construction of marketing network, many professional small home appliance agents and distributors have been formed throughout the country, which occupy an important position in the chain store system.
despite the large amount of electricity consumed by small appliances, national energy saving targets for this category have not yet been met. Small appliance makers say there are many types of small appliances, but only a few have energy efficiency indicators, while others, such as water fountains, heaters and soybean milk machine, are not yet clear on the energy efficiency label. "There are too many types of small appliances to cover all categories," she said. At present, the competition core of small home appliance market is not environmental protection and energy saving. Consumers mainly look at the price."
with the expansion of the domestic market and the intensification of competition, small home appliance manufacturers will according to the actual situation in China, develop more suitable for people's lifestyle products, to meet the market demand, so as to achieve the purpose of enhancing the comprehensive. Competitiveness. Under the promotion of national energy conservation and environmental protection policy, healthy and energy-saving household appliances are more and more favored by consumers. China's household appliance consumption market is entering a golden period and a period of transformation. Small appliance companies are moving toward "low carbon, energy efficient and healthy." China's small home appliance industry will enter a new stage of development.
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